Our Youth Programs

This program was founded with a compassionate spirit for youth, families, and communities. We will offer education, anti-bullying, and leadership services that will positively benefit each participant. Our goal is to develop exemplary student-athletes to excel at the next academic level while learning how to be impactful citizens in their communities.

Our Mission

Stay Ready Youth Services was born from the need to empower youth in the areas of academic, social needs and leadership development. We endeavor to equip our youth to become social change agents that will positively impact their futures, their families, their communities, and ultimately our WORLD!

Areas of Focus



Stay Ready Youth Services is happy to present Stay Ready Tutoring. SRT endeavors to answer the demand of tutoring for those seeking support in any academic subject. Online zoom classes and sessions may be held by appointment or pre-scheduled group sessions. To participate in the program; one must fill out an application and be approved for admission for this free or sliding scale fee basis that will enable all learners access to tutoring.


Stay ready Leadership Council

SRLC endeavors to hone the leadership skills of tomorrow’s leaders. Twelve to twenty-four members ages 12-19 will be chosen to work collectively to discuss meaningful ways to positively impact their communities, debate on social and global issues, broach entrepreneurial efforts, deliberate how their efforts can create sustainable change, and deliberate on college education or furthering their academic endeavors past their secondary education. College visits and business experience will be a primary focus for the group of future leaders primed to take up their rightful space in today’s society. Annual membership required. Application and commitment essay (3 paragraphs on why you want to join the leadership council)

A girl stands against a wall hiding her face as two other school girls bully her, laughing at her, and pulling at her clothes.

Social Issues

David Project: Stay Ready Youth Services- Anti-Bullying & Bullying Intervention Program

When people stand up against bullying resolutely and consistently, the message conveyed is that this behavior is unacceptable and not tolerated. The David Project was created to help those feeling bullied find solace and support against their giants, who misuse their perceived power. The program provides intervention and/ or support needed to rectify the debilitating forces of bullying. Call this number to set up an appointment for circumstances regarding bullying. (864) 637-8952

To participate in the program, one must fill out an application and be approved for participation, which will enable all learners access to free tutoring. This is paid for by private and public donations to our 501 (c)(3) Stay Ready Youth Services